Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management

NGN 124,999.99


  • What makes an Account relationship strategic?
  • How do I select the accounts to call Strategic Accounts?
  • And what are the benefits that my organization gives by designating an account as a Strategic Account?

These and other pertinent questions about developing and managing successful strategic account relationships are answered in this intensive workshop. Using case studies, templates and examples from multiple industries, the participants are trained in how to make their strategic accounts programs work for them.
Managing Strategic Accounts workshop is also referred to as the Key Account Management (KAM) program.


Target Participants: Key account Managers, Strategic Account Managers, Relationship Managers, Sales Professionals

Duration: 1 Day

Format: Face to Face

Modules and Learning outcomes

Designing A Strategic Account Program

Value creation is on top of the agenda for strategic customers and the people managing them should first seek to understand how they can deploy their corporate assets and capabilities for value creation.Participants learn how to design Strategic Account Programs that work by better value delivery for the key accounts.

Strategic Account Selection Criteria

What qualifies a customer or client to be designated a Strategic Account is a critical aspect of the Strategic Accounts Program. Upon completing this module participants will design the criteria specific to their organisation and set the thresholds for qualifying customers and clients in the segments

Strategic Account Potentials

The health of a strategic account relationship is often adjudged with the volume & frequency of business, plus the margins it contributes. This module equips participants to assess the account potentials as well as put a timing to harnessing them.

Strategic Account Risks Assessment

At any point in time, an account manager is faced with the loss of business from a key account and in some cases, the total loss of the account itself. Conducting a risk assessment is a proactive way of troubleshooting the account to identify areas that need improvement.

Resourcing The Strategic Account Team

This module covers the establishment of a strategic account team. Account managers learn how to leverage on-ground and virtual team members to service the account. This module also covers other aspects of ensuring the right resources for managing the account are in place

Personal Action Plan

Participants create an implementation plan and select an accountability partner to help them practice what they have learnt post-training.

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