Situational Sales Negotiation

Situational Sales Negotiation

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Sales Negotiations are different from all other types of negotiations because while they almost always revolve around price and discounting, each negotiation encounter can be daunting. The situation changes frequently and the sales person is almost always on the receiving end of demands for concessions. Many Salespeople dread the idea of going for negotiation meetings, but there is a formula to effectively conduct sales negotiations such that you come out winning the sale and not necessarily throwing away your margins or commissions as discounts.

If you are always pressured to give discounts before closing a sale, and constantly face hurdles with getting past price committees and procurement officers, or you simply want to be able to conduct your sales negotiations professionally this workshop is for you.


Target Participants: Business Development, Sales Executives, Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Relationship Managers

Duration: 1 Day

Format: Face to Face

Learning Outcomes And Modules

Fundamentals Of Successful Sales Negotiation

This module lays out what is essential to getting a successful outcome with each sales negotiation.

Personality Type And negotiation

Using the DiSC personality framework this module teaches participants how to read individual behaviors during each sales negotiations and align with that person's negotiations style. Participants learn people reading skills and how to apply them in sales negotiations. They also learn how to understand Body-Language in negotiations

Sales Negotiation Prep

The participants learn how to prepare for each sales negotiation, setting goals & targets for each sales negotiation event, establishing the zones of possible agreement (margins), and the walk-away point. Preparations will also cover developing the package of options for the other party, amongst other things that make for a successful negotiation.

Conducting a Sales Negotiation

The participants are taught how to conduct sales negotiations. They learn how to craft questions to uncover the other party's real needs, how to make concessions without losing it all, and shares tips for negotiating when the other side is in a stronger position than you, as most sales people experience with professional procurement managers or corporate buying agents.

Objection Tactics In Negotiation

Using cases and role-plays participants learn common buyer tactics and how to respond to them. They also practice common objections and how to overcome them during a typical sales process or call.

Personal Action Plan

Participants create an implementation plan and select an accountability partner to help them practice what they have learnt, post training.

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