Selling To Senior Executives

Selling To Senior Executives

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In B2B selling scenarios the need to sell higher up in your customer or prospect organization cannot be overemphasized, especially when you sell high-value solutions that may take months or even years to conclude the sales cycle. During this intensive workshop participants are taught how to gain access to executives and senior management members in corporations (even for hard-to-reach ones), and successfully engage with them to buy from you. Participants also learn how to uncover what executives are focusing on as priority and then create compelling value propositions based on your products and solutions to meet those needs or expectations


Target Participants: Sales Executives, Sales Representatives, Account Managers, Relationship Managers

Duration: 1 Day

Format: Face to Face

Modules and Learning Outcomes

Executive Design Styles

Participants will learn the different decision styles of executives and how to align your communication with them to effective appear convincing. With a focus on participants' business acumen and financial intelligence this module will address the ability to develop compelling value propositions and create business proposals based on hard financial returns.

Corporate Performance AS Executive Hot Buttons

At the end of this module participants will learn how corporate performance influences executive behavior. We share insights on how to determine what executives care about as this holds the key to whether or not meeting you is a priority to them.

Corporate Strategy & Supporting Initiatives

Participants learn how to conduct due diligence to find out the direction an organization or corporation is headed (strategy) and what they are doing to get there (initiatives). Facilitators provide participants a framework to understand the business initiatives of their customer, as the foundation for calling successfully at senior executives.

Corporate Structure

This module empowers participants to understand the dynamics of authority, power and influence associated with the different layers of an organization's structure. It explains the hierarchy of management, i.e. Top Management, Middle Management, and Line Management, and how their major functions within an organization affects buying decisions.

Gaining Access To Executives

The difficulty in gaining and maintaining access to executives is real. Many sales people will close more deals if only they can get access and at the end of this module participants will understand how to overcome the top challenges of getting executive access & attention.

Presenting To Executives

This module teaches the best way to present successfully to an executive. Using cases and examples it demonstrates how a sales person can have a differentiating dialog with each executive by aligning to their decision-making styles. You learn to speak the language your customer speaks.

Personal Action Plan

Participants create a post-training executive engagement plan and select an accountability partner to help them practice what they have learnt.

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