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What is Business Acumen?

Business acumen is a keen understanding of what it takes for an organization to make money. Business acumen combines financial literacy – the ability to interpret numbers on financial statements – with business literacy – recognizing how strategies and decisions impact these numbers.

Watch how a major brewing company implemented business acumen with great results.

Our consultants will show you how to implement business acumen with great results

Why is Business Acumen so Important?

When the business acumen of managers, employees and sales professionals increases, they make more profitable decisions, influence top-line revenue generation, and take actions that align with organizational strategy.

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Zodiak is a fast-paced, classroom-based simulation designed to improve the business acumen and financial literacy of managers, employees, and sales professionals
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Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership is a comprehensive approach to attracting, retaining, and transitioning talent. The program is intended to inform and educate managers around the key issues and trends in talent leadership.
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Neon Buzz
Lighting Up Organizational Performance is a highly interactive, fast-paced business simulation that places learners in the middle of a dysfunctional organization and encourages them to discover how teamwork and empowering leadership …
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Right Turns
Right Turns is a powerful learning experience focused on change management, guiding employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the path to future success.
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Impact 5
Impact5 is a sophisticated and engaging leadership simulation that provides a framework for focus and decision-making. In the program, participants discover what their organizations really need from them as they..
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Count Down
Countdown: A Strategy Game for Project Teams is a fast-paced, classroom-based simulation designed to improve the knowledge and skills of project team members.
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