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Welcome To Our Special Alumni

The Profiliant Alumni community are a select group of professionals who embark on a lifetime journey of skills improvement & professional development. The program is open only to individuals who have participated in at least 1 qualifying program run by Profiliant, whether as a delegate to an in-house program or on an Open-enrolment program.

Our alumni is made up of a good mix of corporate leaders, executives and managers from a diverse array of industries. Building a rich network of professionals at different stages of their careers. From those rookies starting off and needing handholding, to those seniors with vast amounts of experience and contacts others can tap into, our alumni association offers value all round.

Alumni Benefits

Networking Opportunities

Our alumni are in the leadership and management of the top 10 in every industry segment, and members leverage the power and reach of the network for a lot of professional progress and business growth initiatives, including philanthropy and corporate social responsibility.
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Quarterly Alumni Events

We host top notch events for knowledge sharing, online and in-person, with many being complimentary or at significantly reduced rates for our distinguished alumni.

Life-Time Coaching

Our alumni have easy and continuous access to our experienced faculty to bounce ideas and generate healthy discussions on the topical areas of business management
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Special Discounts And Rebates

Profiliant alumni enjoy up to 10% discount for select courses and 50% for select events (non-training programs). Advance bookings are advised

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Gifts On Special Occasions

We celebrate your special dates with you, at birthdays, anniversary times, and other special occasions. Our alumni receive special gifts on their birthdays and other special occasions from Profiliant
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