B2B Sales Forecasting 101- it’s not about quantity, it’s all about the quality.

A recent sampling of some sales leaders’ opinion about measuring sales performance, specifically on the metrics they focus on, yielded the following, not necessary complete, list:

  • Revenue generation
  • Goal/plan attainment
  • Opportunity management
  • Conversion rate
  • Sales cycle time
  • Contribution margin

For better perspectives and insight, all contributors agreed that such data can be reviewed by:

  • Structure: Individual performer, sales team, sales/applications/service team
  • Channel: Direct seller, telesales, distribution, representatives
  • Geography: Territory, country, sub-region, region
  • Market
  • Application

The frequency such data is reviewed by e.g. the sales manager or the company’s management from marketing, operations, finance ranges from:

  • Weekly to monthly to quarterly and of course, annually

However, when you structure your sales data, you will end up typically with more than 10k data points available at any time. We can review data from top down, for our sales team, region and then drill down into details. Overall, today’s CRM technology provides such data and naturally, it gets extensively used. We tend to believe in our data and not in our people.

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