You have just received 3 calls within the last 10 minutes.

  • CALL 1 is from a the Secretary of a bid committee informing you that your company is successful in the 1st stage, and now to proceed to the next stage which is commercial negotiation, however you are required to amend and send your commercial bid to include a previously omitted costing. The value of this bid is 50% of your department’s total annual budget if won, tens of millions in dollars. You have just till the close of business to edit and submit, and this would take at least 4 hours of work.
  • CALL 2 is from your largest customer for a particular product. They are pissed off over a poor customer service incident and you have been given 4 hours to appear in person to discuss with the user department. At stake is a multi-million dollar business that you know all your competitors want to get their hands on. The account is strategic, if you lose it, you will be fired. And they generate a lot of regular cashflow for your company, so they need to be kept happy.
  • CALL 3 is from the Procurement manager for a major conglomerate where you recently quoted for the supply of some products and the provision of associated services. He informs you that a Purchase Order is ready and they want to process the mobilization fee today so you can meet the tight delivery timelines. Order is a few hundred thousand dollars in value. The process is that you have to come in person to pick the PO and sign the papers before COB same day accepting the offer. Else the next reserve bidder will be selected. This will involve at least 5 hours of work to do today.

All three callers need you to act today. Which of these calls will you attend to first and why? WWYD?

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