Sales Opportunity Management

NGN 124,999.99

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For a quota-bearing salesperson, waiting for others to make decisions can often seem as stressful as a 5 o’clock traffic jam. Take the expressway to better decision making by applying proven techniques for pursuing and wining sales opportunities. This workshop teaches the disciplines of a structured deal pursuit and creates a roadmap to closing the transaction.

If you are a Strategic Account Manager, strategic customers often hold significant revenue and margin potentials, however you as the account manager have to mine and work the account to yield those opportunities. This is the workshop to attend if you are managing a strategic account and your share-of-wallet has remained the same or is increasingly dwindling over the years.

  • Business Development
  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Representatives
  • Account Managers
  • Relationship Managers
1- Day
Face To Face

Modules and Learning outcomes

New sales opportunities can be harnessed by calling on existing clients or on completely new ones. This module addresses for participants the key challenges of finding new business and qualifying them to ensure fit. With the advent of technology new techniques like social selling is now covered as part of this module.
Once an opportunity meets criteria the pursuit process should be guided by structure and order. This module creates an opportunity plan with a detailed pursuit strategy and tactics to emerge the preferred vendor or supplier.
Closing is an important sales activity but is dependent on what happens before like pre-qualification. This module offers creative ways of closing the sale on time while appearing professional.
Participants learn the best ways to maintain funnel health and ensure that they are following only potential transactions with the highest probability for closing, while recycling the leads or opportunities that may not close within the financial year.
Participants in this workshop should be able to increase share of wallet for the service or products that you offer to new or existing customers, while also discovering new, current applications for a proven product or service.
Participants create a sample Opportunity Pursuit plan to implement/conduct when they are back at work.


14th August


25th October