Sales Call Management

NGN 124,999.99

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An effective sales call is one that moves the sale forward each time the sales person finishes meeting with or conversing, or interacting with the prospect. Because not calls are effective, measuring the success of a sales call you just ended can be tricky.

Research shows that one way of ensuring that your sales calls are productive is to use a process to think it through before appearing in person or making that call over the phone. This workshop lays out a process for making effective sales calls that consistently result in closing orders.

  • Sales Executives
  • Sales Representatives
  • Account Managers
  • Relationship Managers
1 -Day
Face To Face

Modules and Learning outcomes

At the end of this module participants will have a better appreciation of sales time and why it is important to use it very well. They conduct an exercise in planning each sales call well ahead and how to prioritize based on the sales stage (where you are with the prospect) versus quota achievement levels (where you are with your target/quota in the month, week and quarter).
Sales people learn how to use the call preparation tool to plan very well for each sales interaction with a prospect, be it a completely new prospect, or even an existing one. It sets a call objective at the centre of the planning exercise and requires sales people to set-out what they know prior to the call and what they hope to know or achieve during the call.
A good percentage of sales calls don't go well just on account of sales people not giving enough attention to logistics. Sometimes the simple logistics of a sales call can turn to banana peels for the sales professional. At the end of this module participants learn how to address these hidden traps that can turn otherwise well planned sales calls into failed instances of appearances.
At the end of this module the sales person will learn how to conduct effective conversations with the prospect. By learning how to craft rapport building statements and questions, they learn how to start each call well. Also covered is the discovery method of getting more information about the clients business, as well as the best practices for conducting sales calls in person and over the phone.
Participants learn in this module how to follow up each sales call by establishing next steps on both sides which, when done, advances the sale. Follow-up keeps the sales front & centre for both the sales person as well as the client or prospect.
Participants create a sample sales call plan to implement/conduct when they are back at work.


19th April
19th June