Developing And Implementing Winning Strategic Account Plans

NGN 124,999.99

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You have heard the saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. This is also true for managing Strategic Account relationships. This workshop is regarded as the bootcamp for preparing account plans that can help you penetrate and grow share, or even defend and consolidate your position.

  • Key account Managers
  • Strategic Account Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Sales Professionals
Face To Face

Modules and Learning outcomes

Participants learn how to use the account planning tool and actually select a real account to plan with for the rest of the workshop.
At the end of this module participants have clarity about the account’s revenue potentials and how they will harness each as a sales opportunity. They identify individual existing or new potentials that will form the focus of the account management within a defined period.
At the end of this module participants create a relationship plan identifying key decision makers within each account and then design how to cover them for effectiveness. They also understand the importance of power & influence on each sales transaction & how to navigate the account relationship well.
At the end of this module participants learn the importance of team selling into a strategic account relationship and develop the right mind set to collaborate with service & support personnel to deliver more value to strategic accounts.
Marketing Investments in areas like studies, research, trial programs, co-branding etc. entrench the incumbent and differentiate from would-be competitors. This plan is developed as a critical component of getting repeat business from strategic accounts over the long run.
Participants create an implementation plan and select an accountability partner to help them practice what they have learnt, post training.


29th June
10th September