Open Enrollment Workshops

The Consultative Selling Methodology works best where the need is to win business by solving customers' business issues and with it earn the trust to be their partner as a preferred vendor or supplier. This workshop re-orients sales people to focus the sales interactions on understanding what customers would like as gains, problems solved, or even challenges avoided, and moves the conversations from the short term low-hanging fruit focussed traditional selling to the more value yielding strategic sales outcomes associated with acting as a trusted advisor to them. When the need is to move from just selling products and services, to building sustainable repeat business for the long term by helping clients solve strategic business challenges, this workshop fits nicely into it. Read More
You have heard the saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. This is also true for managing Strategic Account relationships. This workshop is regarded as the bootcamp for preparing account plans that can help you penetrate and grow share, or even defend and consolidate your position. Read More
An effective sales call is one that moves the sale forward each time the sales person finishes meeting with or conversing, or interacting with the prospect. Because not calls are effective, measuring the success of a sales call you just ended can be tricky. Research shows that one way of ensuring that your sales calls are productive is to use a process to think it through before appearing in person or making that call over the phone. This workshop lays out a process for making effective sales calls that consistently result in closing orders. Read More
  For a quota-bearing salesperson, waiting for others to make decisions can often seem as stressful as a 5 o'clock traffic jam. Take the expressway to better decision making by applying proven techniques for pursuing and wining sales opportunities. This workshop teaches the disciplines of a structured deal pursuit and creates a roadmap to closing the transaction. If you are a Strategic Account Manager, strategic customers often hold significant revenue and margin potentials, however you as the account manager have to mine and work the account to yield those opportunities. This is the workshop to attend if you are managing a strategic account and your share-of-wallet has remained the same or is increasingly dwindling over the years Read More
In B2B selling scenarios the need to sell higher up in your customer or prospect organization cannot be overemphasized, especially when you sell high-value solutions that may take months or even years to conclude the sales cycle. During this intensive workshop participants are taught how to gain access to executives and senior management members in corporations (even for hard-to-reach ones), and successfully engage with them to buy from you. Participants also learn how to uncover what executives are focusing on as priority and then create compelling value propositions based on your products and solutions to meet those needs or expectations. Read More
Sales Negotiations are different from all other types of negotiations because while they almost always revolve around price and discounting, each negotiation encounter can be daunting. The situation changes frequently and the sales person is almost always on the receiving end of demands for concessions. Many Salespeople dread the idea of going for negotiation meetings, but there is a formula to effectively conduct sales negotiations such that you come out winning the sale and not necessarily throwing away your margins or commissions as discounts. If you are always pressured to give discounts before closing a sale, and constantly face hurdles with getting past price committees and procurement officers, or you simply want to be able to conduct your sales negotiations professionally this workshop is for you. Read More
Ÿ What makes an Account relationship strategic? Ÿ How do I select the accounts to call Strategic Accounts? Ÿ And what are the benefits that my organization gives by designating an account as a Strategic Account? These and other pertinent questions about developing and managing successful strategic account relationships are answered in this intensive workshop. Using case studies, templates and examples from multiple industries, the participants are trained in how to make their strategic accounts programs work for them. Managing Strategic Accounts workshop is also referred to as the Key Account Management (KAM) program. Read More