Top 3 Secrets to Having a Successful Sales Conversation!

We are just about getting into the last 2 months of 2017! End of year it is, but it is also a time to close deals and end the year on a good note. Have you been trying to get your foot in the door of a major prospect for months and Winning this account could make your year?

The place of a successful sales conversation cannot be over emphasized in the process of achieving this goal and bigger goal of being a good sales person.

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What Have You Probably Done before Planning for this Sales Conversation?

    1. You have done your research.
    2. You know this company as well as anyone could from the information you were able to uncover in the public domain. Plus,
    3. you have a couple of contacts who’ve given you a bit of additional insight not available on the Web.

    Now you finally captured the attention of a primary buyer, the decision maker! How do you go about this? How do you successfully converse yourself to making this big sale?

    It’s always been hard to get time in front of a prospect, and it seems like it’s getting even harder. Everyone is so busy they barely have time to eat lunch, let alone spend time in a meeting that adds no value.

    Below, we have highlighted the top 3 secrets to having a successful sales conversation.

    The Top Secrets to Having a Successful Sales Conversation

    You’ve already surmounted the first hurdle by giving this prospect a reason to speak with you. Now what do you do to make sure this meeting leads to a next step? There are three secrets. Well, actually, there are two well-known strategies and one secret that only the most successful salespeople know. (Shhh)

    First the two well-known strategies:

    Have targeted questions ready: You’re no newbie sales rep. You know today’s buyers won’t stand for a fact-finding meeting in which you ask them dozens of questions on topics like the ins and outs of their industry. You researched that on your own and have a number of open-ended questions ready to target the issues they are likely to have.

    Hone your listening skills: And, of course, active listening is the key to understanding this particular customer’s situation (their context) and the way they’re thinking about potential solutions (their concept).

    However, if this was all there was to it, you and your prospect might part ways thinking you had a good meeting—until your prospect realizes they didn’t get much out of the time they spent with you.

    So what’s the secret World-Class Sales men know and others don’t? They know how to provide perspective.

    Perspective, Please
    World-Class Sales Performers know their customers want more than a salesperson who will ask them questions, then listen attentively. If they are going to spend an hour or two with a salesperson, they want to get something out of it. Salespeople can provide this value by providing perspective.

    Providing perspective is when a salesperson takes the information the customer shares and combines it with their own expertise and experience to shed new light on a challenge or issue. Sometimes, it’s just a bit of detail that adds new insights into the situation. Or, it could be something as concept-altering as an example of how another customer addressed the same challenge, giving the new customer a whole new way to view a possible solution.

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    Top-performers know that the sale doesn’t end with the signing of the contract. They follow through with key accounts to ensure the value promised is the value received. This detailed knowledge of actual results is the “secret sauce” to providing perspective for new buyers. It allows sales professionals to shape their customer’s thinking while adding value during the sales process.

    When you think about it, these three “secrets” to successful selling aren’t all that different than having a conversation:

    conversation – the exchange of ideas by spoken words.

    The world-class sales professional takes it one step further by making sure he or she is conversation ready. They do their homework and make sure they are ready to ask the right questions. Ready to listen actively. Ready to add perspective

    Credits to Miller Heiman

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