Program Description:

An interactive program that teaches participants the basic fundamentals of selling- from prospecting to closing the sale. The program is designed to rapidly ramp-up sales skills, especially for new hires, who will be immersed in the Professional Selling Process as an integral part of the program. Module highlights include:

  • learning how to open calls in a positive and productive way;
  • learning how to gather information and completely understand the customer’s needs;
  • providing the right information that helps the customer make informed decisions;
  • learning how to recognize when the customer is ready to move ahead
  • learning how to handle customer concerns.

Learning Outcomes:

What participants get from this workshop:

Gain the skills critical to developing solid business relationships while improving sales performance.

Learn to sell more competitively;


Increase their long-term effectiveness by becoming knowledgeable consultants


Course Content:

  • Module-1 Prospect
  • Module-2 Questioning to develop needs
  • Module-3 Analyze needs
  • Module-4 Present
  • Module-5 Negotiate
  • Module-6 Close
  • Module-7 Service and follow-up

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