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$AL€SMAXX™  is a process-focussed sales performance improvement system designed for companies or organizations selling to businesses as their primary targets (Business-to-Business). $AL€SMAXX™ offers sales methodology consulting services to address all aspects of selling B2B from strategy to execution.

$AL€SMAXXâ„¢ enables corporate organizations develop company wide systems for finding and winning profitable business. Under each engagement, Sales Methodology Experts and Consultants assess, map, redesign, align, and integrate the organization’s sales processes based on best-in-class sales methodologies adapted from tested and effective models worldwide. Services include a focused assessment and set of recommendations to improve the customer-specifc sales process.

label label label HOW DOES THE $ALE$maxxâ„¢ SYSTEMS WORK?

$AL€SMAXX™   is delivered as a series of structured consulting engagements with services components designed to address most areas of the sales process. Every $AL€SMAXX™ engagement starts with a detailed clients assessment, leading to a detailed sales improvement plan and strategy document, executed through a detailed set of daily and weekly implementation activities  Almost all aspects of the $AL€SMAXX™ engagement is delivered onsite at the client location in a flexible time slot manner.

The SalesMaxxâ„¢ Methodology

 - Sales Process & Methodology Improvement

label label label COMPONENTS OF THE $ALE$maxxâ„¢ SYSTEM

$AL€SMAXX™ addresses B2B sales problems by focusing on 4 core performance areas, thus:

1. Strategy: The work in this area would focus on developing a robust and realistic Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy with the attendant Tactical Plan Development. The end result would be a sales strategy and a tactical plan document which would be developed for the customer addressing how to find and corner revenue from the best market positions. SalesMaxx looks at 4 levels of strategy starting from Industry/Market, Account/Business Unit, Opportunities and Projects, Individuals.
2. Talent: The success of every sales methodology engagement rests on the ability of the company to attract, retain, motivate and reward the right sales talent to drive the strategy. Ensuring that performance metrics and rewards are aligned with strategy is key aspects of this area. The work done under this aspect of the sales methodology services engagement would cover:

  1. Attracting & Hiring top Sales Talent
  2. Retention: Sales Recognition and Reward System Design
  3. Sales Staff Competency Evaluation & Training
  4. Executive Coaching and Mentoring

3. Process: Sales Process, Standards and Methodology (Best Practices) implementation. Activities here bridge the traditional gap between executive-level strategic vision and organization-wide execution.

4. Technology: Utilizing technology-enabled selling tools is rapidly becoming an integral part of a salesperson’s daily activities. However, in order for a salesperson to use these tools effectively, the sales methodologies used must be fully integrated into the software application. This aspect of the service cover Sales-force Automation Architecture & process design , ensuring the full integration of opportunity, account, and partner management methodologies into the client’s choice of CRM/SFA applications.

Costing for this service excludes cost of software licenses, hardware and other requirements for SFA implementation

label label label SERVICES COMPONENTS

The cornerstone of Profiliant’s professional services offerings are hinged on 6 core areas focused on short to medium term business transformation results, thus-

1. Sales Strategy Development: This service helps our clients ensure they are targeting and addressing the most lucrative or strategic target markets using sales processes optimised and tailored to each segment’s attitudes and buying behaviors. A key ingredient of the sales strategy development process is the Visioning & Strategy Facilitation. Using advanced Shared Vision and Action Planning techniques, trained facilitators guide senior management to study the trends and patterns in a company’s past, take a point-in-time review of its current environment and competitors, then envision where they want to be in five years and make an action plan of how to get there. Facilitators use stimulating graphics & exciting visual techniques to tap a group’s knowledge, creativity and help participants work collaboratively to achieve set goals. Our facilitators suggest & design various retreat formats to meet client needs.
2. Sales System Development:
This service helps clients build the sales structure, sales systems, compensation plans, territories and quotas, weaving all these critical elements into a rock-solid sales framework designed for success.
3. Sales & Marketing Alignment: This service creates the most effective prospect targeting approach, sales messaging material and sales process steps to deliver transactions in the shortest cycle time

4. Sales Talent Recruiting Services: Through our Projobs branded head-hunting service Profiliant helps companies find, attract and retain the perfect sales personnel to represent their company, products or services.
5. Contract Sales Outsourcing Service: The Contract Sales Outsourcing Service under $AL€SMAXX™ is designed to help companies execute rapid market entry plans while keeping costs low and accessing the best field selling resources available. These contract staff remains employees of Profiliant while assigned to projects for a client over negotiated periods of time. The sales teams employed by Profiliant are dedicated to a specific client or syndicated (working for several non-competing clients at the same time).


$AL€SMAXX™ can be implemented using a simle iterative 6 stage process designed to rapidly deliver results.

 - Sales Process & Methodology Improvement