In sales performance depending on Year-on-Year (YoY) comparisons is common. Though not bad but it can often deceive a company into believing she is performing well or at even better than others. Self-on-Self (SoS) comparisons can blindside a company, often with dire consequences.

The Sales Organisation Benchmarking is an objective comparative assessment of a company’s current sales operations situation. The exercise compares your company with data from your peers in the same or other industries. The result encompasses recommendations on key components of your sales processes, approach, tools, people, alignment with marketing support and sales execution.

The services allows a sales organization to compare herself to our database of more than 50 selling and sales management best practices and key performance metrics, as well as data for several industries.

Business Value

Benchmarking your sales & distribution operation using this service will provide specific recommendations that, if followed, will provide your team with a higher degree of effectiveness. The report and recommendations produced as a result of this benchmarking are typically be used as the foundation for making improvements to an organization's  sales effectiveness strategy.