Signal Alliance


Sales Transformation Project

The Sales Effectiveness audit conducted by Profiliant allowed us to see areas we were good and can improve on, while also showing us aspects of our sales operations that didn’t meet standards. Using their advice we’ve begun a process for the full transformation of how we go to market and the messages we put out to our client base.

Collins Onuegbu - Managing Director

Signal Alliance's sales team was having

  • Difficulty linking product capabilities with their customer's critical business issues
  • Increased inability to access executive decision-making power by selling upper in the ladder
  • Challenges with justifying their price versus the competition's. Missed targets and revenue projections because of lost opportunities
  • Struggles to properly qualify business opportunities and develop the leads handed over to them
  • A high churning rate, sales reps are always leaving for "better" companies

Given these symptoms Profiliant was engaged for a full diagnostics on the company’s sales operations.


  • Profiliant conducted the Sales Effectiveness Audit for the client.

Areas covered include

  • Opportunity management
  • Marketing
  • Sales tools
  • Sales execution
  • Ongoing account management
  • Current sales development solution
  • Sales hiring practices


  • None

Other Services:

  • Sales Manager Coaching.
  • Sales Talent Recruitment services.
  • CRM Solutions review.


  • The audit was delivered within 1 quarter allowing the company to apply the results within the same financial year.


  • The audit revealed areas Signal Alliance was already efficient, and also indicated areas for improvement.
  • The company gained the ability to improve sales team effectiveness and measure their performance, while supporting them in achieving results.


  • Important customer feedback presented by the company is now helping to review service offerings & standards within the firm
  • Signal Alliance is implementing a sales transformation project based on the roadmap developed from this consulting engagement.