Hiring solutions to build outstanding sales teams

Predictive Sales Performance is our web-based assessment to help companies make smarter hiring and promotion decisions. It accelerates the hiring and on-boarding process, reduces turnover, and improves motivation, engagement and performance.

Skills can be taught, but behaviors and interests are much more difficult to affect. For example, we’ve seen successful salespeople promoted to sales managers, or successful “hunters” transitioned to account managers only to see them become frustrated. As a result, good people leave the company, often taking their old jobs with competitors.

Predictive Sales Performance helps you understand what makes your star salespeople successful and enables you to consistently find those qualities in candidates. It also requires knowing how to eliminate unqualified candidates early in the hiring process so you can spend your precious time interviewing only the best.

The results are highly actionable, and enable sales managers to ask better interview questions. The results also create a solid foundation for coaching during the on-boarding and on-going development process.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then Predictive SalesPerformance could be the right solution for you.

  • High sales force turnover
  • Need to grow sales force quickly
  • Poor hiring decisions by sales managers
  • Inconsistent performance from new hires

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