:: Outsourcing Services

  • Telemarketing Services
  • Field Sales Planning and Execution
  • Channel and Territory Management
  • Sales Force Recruitment Services

:: Sales Force Recruitment & Training

This is a service dedicated to helping companies find and keep top sales and marketing talent. Profiliant can help your company through the interview and selection process. plus we keep in touch with top Sales Pro’s who have passed through our programs, and they have overtime been a good source for sourcing top performers to fill top-talent sales roles.

:: Contract Sales Outsourcing Services

The Profiliant Contract Sales Outsourcing Service is designed to help companies execute rapid market entry plans while keeping costs low and accessing the best field selling resources available.

The service is built around 4 pillars of”

  • Contract Staffing
  • Fixed Period (Time & Material Engagement)
  • Industry Specialization and Specifics
  • Advanced Sales Processes
The contract staff remains employees of Profiliant while assigned to projects for a client over negotiated periods of time. The sales teams employed by Profiliant can be dedicated to a specific client or syndicated (working for several non-competing clients at the same time).

:: Special Telemarketing Services

For in-house sales people and interfaces working at the service or call center levels, Profiliant can help with script development and training to help those people maximize impact through Telemarketing.

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