Win-Win Sales Negotiations that Strengthen Customer Relationships

Miller Heiman’s Negotiate SuccessSM program helps senior executives and sales professionals improve their negotiating skills through a customer-centric, win-win process. This builds trusting relationships with customers and strengthens the company’s position for future opportunities.

Many people approach negotiations as if something gained by one party must be taken away from another. However, these individuals miss the chance to create value because they want to “get what is mine”. Adding value to your negotiation is more likely to produce a win-win outcome for both parties. If you don’t negotiate value, the deal becomes a decision based on price and any price is too high.

Miller Heiman’s Negotiate SuccessSM presents a simple, easy-to-follow blueprint that makes clear what effective negotiators actually say and do. Selling and negotiating happen simultaneously and include goal-setting, persuasion, problem-solving and decision making. By seeing and understanding things from the other person’s perspective, sales professionals can work in a joint fashion and create agreements that satisfy the critical interests of everyone.


If your organization is trying to address the following issues, Negotiate Success may be the right solution.

  • Heated negotiations that damage relationships with key customers
  • Haggling with customers over price at the close
  • Being asked to discount price without being given reciprocal value

“I love the process. It has so benefited me. I just wanted to say thanks."

-Account Executive, American Red Cross

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