Strategic Planning to Protect and Grow Key Accounts

Miller Heiman’s Large Account Management ProcessSM (LAMP®) helps organizations develop strategies to protect and grow their strategic accounts. Given the importance of strategic accounts to the achievement of growth objectives, it is frequently a key activity of an organization’s overall strategic planning process.

LAMP® brings the entire relationship into view for a selling organization. This involves first identifying all key players within the strategic account, trends and opportunities impacting their business, and your strengths to help the customer. Then the focus turns to evaluating the current state of your relationship with the key account and where you need to move that relationship to realize your long-term objectives.

Based on this assessment, you create consensus and action plans among your account team to realize this vision over the next 1-3 years. This commonly includes aligning the members of your team with key players in the key account to accomplish the goals and focus investments needed to move the relationship forward.

It also gives an organization a common process and language for managing strategic accounts, allocating resources, and strategic planning. This rigor and consistency ensures a high level of efficiency, professionalism, facilitates effective sales management, and dramatically increases the odds of protecting and growing these crucial assets.

Large-Account-Management-Process-1If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then LAMP® may be the right solution

  • Blind-sided by the loss of a key account
  • Need to collaborate across the enterprise to unlock the potential of strategic accounts
  • Desire to transition from “vendor” to “strategic advisor” to key accounts
  • Need insurance against the loss of a key account manager or key sponsor within a key account
  • Desire to reverse erosion and start growing revenue within key accounts
  • Achieve (revenue) growth objectives set by the executive team

"The idea of using a spreadsheet for large complex accounts to better understand the sales process was extremely valuable. The course didn't try to teach me how to sell, which I appreciate as I have been selling for 17 years. What I do find valuable is putting on paper the complexities involved in selling to a large, national account in order to ensure that I have uncovered/recognized all areas where information may be unknown."

- Sales Executive, Insurance

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