Executive Impact

Executive Impact Persuasion strategies to impact executive-level decision makers. Executive ImpactSM helps sales professionals understand how C-Level executives make decisions so their persuasion strategy is better aligned, for maximum impact with this highly sought after audience. Getting to and persuading senior-level executives is often crucial for winning large deals.

When you get these opportunities, you need to maximize your odds of success. This requires a fundamental understanding of how key executives involved in the buying process make decisions. Without this knowledge, you could easily squander a golden opportunity. Not to be confused with personality indicators, Executive ImpactSM focuses specifically on how executives make decisions. People’s personalities can be dramatically different than the way they make decisions, so it’s important not to confuse the two.

Executive ImpactSM, which directly impacts the buy-sell process, is the only executive selling workshop that helps to sell the way executives want to buy. The greatest impact is gained by developing the skills to win more business by selling differently and effectively to each decision-making style.

If your organization is trying to address the following issues, Executive Impact may be the right solution. Buying decisions have moved to a higher level in your customers organization Losing high-potential deals because you failed to access economic buyers. Failure to persuade executives even after gaining access Sales people are uncomfortable¬Ě and avoid presenting to senior executives.