The Profiliant Customized Learning Intervention Service offers corporate customers a quick, cost-effective, flexible, convenient, and customized alternative to open enrolment training programs. A unique feature of this service is the degree to which our consultants are able to create custom-curricular using the inputs provided by your sales team and management. Our facilitators and consultants draw on many years of active fields selling and sales management experience to make each training session truly beneficial to participants. As a Miller Heiman Distribution Partner, Profiliant delivers training and coaching on the full suite of the Miller Heiman sales system with the capacity to work in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

By using the Profiliant Customized Learning Intervention Service, your organization enjoys the added benefit of having professionals who truly understands your organization’s unique needs and goals, and has just the right resources to help you address the issues at hand.

Our quality assurance rests on the amount of positive feedback and testimonials each of our training programs receive from delegates. HR & Training managers send delegates to Profiliant training confident that they would return with skills to apply on the job immediately. Effectiveness therefore is the cornerstone of our training quality assurance.