Here’s a list of clientele that has benefited from our Customized Learning Intervention Programs Trainings:

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“This is just to say thanks to you & the other facilitators for delivering a very eye-opening & enlightening 2 days of instruction. It has already done a lot for my colleagues & me, and I have recommended it to others within the group. We intend to use the techniques learnt to skyrocket our sales within the next 6 months.”

-Biyi Mabadeje,

Telnet Enterprise Systems Limited. Website:

The Weco Group

“I find these trainings extremely useful in my day-to-day business of managing large enterprise customers. We are enrolling our entire team across all the subsidiaries. We now see why we lose deals!”

-Patrick Ihezie, COO, Connectworks, a Weco Group subsidiary. Website: ,

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“I must commend your expertise in the training and also congratulate you on the success of it; as a matter of fact, attending the training is a blessing to me being that selling software solution is new to me. Thank you for your time and God Bless you.”

-Kevwe Kohwarien,

Oracle Sales Division, Expertedge Software & System. Website:

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“These Profiliant guys are world-class and very professional. They come highly recommended.”

-Lanre Onasanya, Microsoft

Inlaks Computers Ltd

“Profiliant’s programs contain tricks we wish our competitors would never know. The principles are quite obvious and very practical- you leave every program with an action plan of what to do to start making money immediately.”

-Paul Nnanwobu- Enterprise Accounts Manager- Banking, Inlaks computers Ltd.

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“Profiliant’s programs are world class in quality and very professional in delivery. My company has experienced over 100% increase in quota achievement just by participating in their programs.”

– Etim J. Amana, CEO, Management Information Systems Limited.

Digital Marketing Design Solutions Limited

“As the manager of a young business entering a saturated market, Profiliant’s programs helped our Accounts Directors learn early how to position and distinguish ourselves from the high level of noise in the market place. The programs paid for themselves by over 1000% in the first 6 months.”

-Sanya Oluwadare, CEO, Digital Marketing Design Solutions Limited. Website:


“From my first contact with the Profiliant team, I knew this is one training you cannot afford not to put your entire team through. We have made their programs the cornerstone of our new-hire orientation and I insist that every sales staff must go through them.”

– Chuma Ofoche, CEO, Allied Technologies & Diversified Services Ltd

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“If you need impactful sales training, these are the guys to talk to. I speak authoritatively as a trainer and well experienced instructor in my own right. Profiliant comes highly recommended by my company.”

-Kunle Soriyan – CEO, Soriyan Training Networks

Data Processing
Maintenance and Services Ltd.

Data Processing Maintenance and Services Ltd. “The training brings instant results. My sales team is better for it.”

– Hisham Mansour,

MD/CEO, Data Processing Maintenance and Services (DPMS) Ltd

To bring a training program to your company or simply to find out how we can help you boost your sales, please contact us and a consultant will assist you.