Consultative Selling Workshop

The day starts with an overview and focuses on the specific skills sets required to conduct sales using this method of Consultative Selling, thus-
  • Financial Acumen
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Solution & Portfolio knowledge
  • Market Intelligence
  • Business Writing, Documentation & Proposal
  • Development Skills
The customer's business environment, personal or corporate, holds the keys to being able to under- standing how to lead their thinking and act effectively as an advisor. Participants use a framework to piece together key information and data points that could be translated to give perspective to each selling opportunity with the customer or client.
Participants learn how customers make important investment decisions. Each delegate is now taught how to align the selling process with the critical steps of the decision process. A major outcome of this process is the sales process alignment map where participants work through each stage of the customer decision process and map their existing tools into those, with the result that participants often see where there are gaps in their sales 7 marketing tools that they can work at filling immediately.
Discovery meetings are an essential part of the consultative selling process. Sales people learn how to conduct meetings with clients and diagnose issues or identify expectations accurately. The participants learn the different types of questions that can be used during a discovery meeting for data gathering.
Crafting the solution proposal under a consultative selling methodology is a special kind of art and this module helps participants to see the innards of an effective sales proposal following a successful discovery meeting.
The need to create major milestones is key to ensuring that the consultative selling methodology is working for the sales person as it is working for the client. This module teaches how to inject those mile marker activities that will guarantee you and the client are moving together towards a close.
Participants create a sample sales call plan to implement/conduct when they are back at work.