Consultative Selling- The Place of knowing your buyers journey in sales success.

FACT: For every Sale there is a ‘buy’ side.

This ‘buy’ side is more important to understand than your own sales process, and this is one of the core tenets of Consultative Selling.
The ‘buy’ side represents the customer’s journey from recognizing that they need to change to evaluating options and then settling for one, before sometimes even inviting vendors or service providers to quote. This is why we emphasize in all our training workshops that the buy-side is an integral part of every organization’s sales process. And aligning the latter with the former is fundamental to sales and business development success.

If you think back to a typical sales model, it goes thus: leads in; orders out. Fortunately for you, converting leads into orders isn’t as robotic as that image indicates, which is why sales professionals will always have a place in this world. There are integral milestone steps that take you from start to finish, as well as “bonus” actions outside of the traditional sales process, such as install, delivery, implementation and customer care. Organizations that map out this sequence in detail are the ones that become World-Class. In fact, recent research shows that quota attainment jumps from 47 percent in organizations with a random or informal process to 70 percent in organizations with a dynamic one.

Before you jump out of your seat to demand that your organization implements a formalized sales process, wait. The true “aha” moment comes with this fact: it’s not enough to know what you are going to do during the sales process; you must also know what your buyer is doing—and thinking.

Not saying you should purchase a crystal ball to conjure up clues about your buyers. We instead, however, advocate for mapping out the buyer’s process to provide yourself with a clearer estimation of where they should be at each stage. This way, you’ll notice immediately when they fall out of line, rather than realizing a deal is Dead-on-Arrival (DOA) only after it’s too late.

A buyer’s journey though similar across board has little differences for respective buyer type. Consultative selling helps you understand your clients, their specific needs and the specifics of their journey.

Only after the understanding of these specifics through consultative selling techniques can you accurately map out your buyers process.

Credits to Miller Heiman

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