Miller Heiman’s Conceptual Selling® process helps organizations and individuals sell more effectively by aligning the way they sell to the way their customers buy. It is especially helpful for organizations transitioning from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale.

Conceptual Selling® requires salespeople to first understand their customers’ issues- what they are trying to accomplish, fix or avoid – and then apply their expertise to jointly develop solutions. This consultative approach builds credibility and trust, and solutions that are difficult for competitors to replicate.

It also gives an organization a common process and language for planning each customer interaction. For example, the process helps a salesperson create “valid business reasons” to open doors with new prospects and then identify important information and commitments from the customer to move the sale forward. This rigor and consistency ensures a high level of professionalism, facilitates effective sales management, and dramatically increases the odds of winning the business.

Conceptual-Selling-1If your organization is trying to address the following issues, then Conceptual Selling ® may be the right solution:

  • Transitioning from a product-led sale to a solution-led sale
  • Inadequate prospecting and new business development efforts
  • Struggling to differentiate your products and services from your competitors
  • Lacking a rigorous and consistent process to plan customer interactions

"We've had numerous wins. In fact, over the past six months, we've gone after five 'major' accounts in my business unit. Using Conceptual Selling® techniques, we won four of them for an 80% close rate.
- Mike Chaudron, National Sales Manager, NSF International

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