Program Description:

Today’s sales professionals must be trusted advisors who work with customers to improve their businesses. With enhanced levels of business acumen, they can access higher-level buyers and engage in more strategic discussions. Participants buy and run Zodiak an established precision engineering company that needs a combination of strategy and smart moves to stay profitable. The company is losing market share and there are increasing demands from suppliers and customers. Zodiak Inc. needs a new, disciplined operational and financial strategy.

Participants win through this simulation by:

Knowing how their business generates profits today, and how it will need to generate profits in the future. Understanding how their strategy & tactics (daily decisions) impact the company strategically and financially. Continuously identifying improvements in the business operations.

Learning Outcomes:

What participants get from this workshop:

Sales representatives will develop greater confidence in analyzing customer needs and positioning products and services within the context of a buyer’s financial drivers and strategies. Armed with business acumen, they’ll demonstrate financial literacy in sales situations, engage in more strategic discussions with prospects, and open doors at higher buying levels.

Sales managers and leaders will become more effective coaches by enhancing their own knowledge and skill in using financial and strategic data to position products and services with customers. They will also be better equipped to link their team’s objectives for revenue generation, profitability and cash flow to overall corporate strategies and financial goals.

Marketing and sales support personnel will learn how they can impact top line revenue, bottom-line profitability and cash flow and will better understand where they fit in supporting the customer-focused approach needed in today’s competitive marketplace.



Course Content:

Connections exercises following the simulation create a bridge from the classroom to the participants’ organization. Learners explore the company’s strategies, processes, financial concepts, terminology, profit drivers, cash flow, competition and deal with issues like:
  • The impact of sales forecasting and price discounting
  • Creating customer business and financial profiles in order to better position products and services
  • Using business knowledge to build higher-level customer relationships



Key concepts

  • Stakeholder value
  • Cash flow
  • Return on assets
  • Return on equity
  • Profitability
  • Operating costs
  • Margin
  • Capacity utilization

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