Beware the Deal Killer.

When someone in the buying organization is dead set against you or your company, he or she won’t usually come right out and tell you. And that’s what’s dangerous about it. It’s hard to contend with someone who undermines your efforts behind your back.
An internal deal killer is someone who either fears losing if the company goes with your proposal or who wants your competition’s solutions.

He will oppose your entry or continuing presence in his organization by trying to sway other Buying Influences’ opinions of you and your solution. Doing business in Africa, you will often come across the term ‘Sabo’ to refer to someone who sets out to sabotage your endeavors.
There are a number of actions you can take to tackle his efforts head on:

  1. Develop multiple contacts.
    This will give you multiple perspectives within the buying organization on how every Buying Influence feels about your solution. Reach out to the people who are most receptive to you and ask: Who supports our solution? Who does not?
  1. Negate their negation.
    People who are opposed to you can sometimes be converted to understanding that their self interest does not run counter to yours and they can win from supporting you. Come up with contingencies to uncover and address the Basic Issues of a deal killer.
  1. Rally the allies.
    Neutralize their efforts with the effective use of a Coach. Help your Coach understand what your Win-Win objectives are and what she can do to endorse your entry. You can also work together to better understand and address the deal killer’s Basic Issue.
    Most times (even though not always) there will always be someone in the organization who is antagonistic to, suspicious of, or in some other way opposed to you or your solution. Be on the constant look out for them. One thing you should NOT do is ignore them.

Happy Selling!

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