Program Description:

The PFP is designed to pool exceptional skill sets backed with relevant industry experiences from distinguished professionals who can bring their knowledge and experience to bear on the learning intervention programs run by Profiliant. Profiliant provides in some cases the basic education and learning materials, special training for instructors, content development and improvement services and personality packaging for each instructor. Instructors are rewarded using the two main vehicles of fees and honorariums.


The PFP objectives include:

  • To create a national talent pool for replicating expertise and assisting businesses with skills development.
  • To offer experienced professionals avenues for sharing their skills and expertise as a way of personal fulfillment or just developing multiple streams of income.
  • To build and develop a localized body of knowledge in the area of sales and marketing management.
  • To help build a body of professional instructors and facilitators with skills in line with global standards
  • To provide a cost-efficient pool of highly skilled resources that can be used as consultants to help businesses in the SMB space.
  • To add color and value to the profession of sales, teaching and instructorship as honorable vocations.
  • Provide a platform for professional speakers and program facilitators to interact, network and facilitate cross fertilization of professional ideas.


We invite memberships from:

  • Experienced Industry Professionals and Subject-Matter Experts.
  • Trainers and instructors with relevant industry experience.
  • Educators, Researchers, and those teaching in tertiary institutions.
  • Any person with a true personal story, based on principles, and upon which can be built a workable formula which can be replicated through instruction and practice in our programs.


As a Profiliant Faculty member you will enjoy the following, amongst other benefits:

  • Opportunity for Consulting Engagements: Profiliant has an active consulting arm engaging in business advisory services to organizations. Faculty members are preferentially selected for formal consulting engagements as the opportunities arise. Faculty members are paid on time and material basis for every project they are involved in.
  • Generous Facilitation Fees and Honorarium: Our faculty members enjoy generous facilitation fees as Program and Workshop leaders. Facilitation fees are determined using a simple straightforward metric based on time, class size, and program level. For sales talks and speeches, the honorarium is shared when Profiliant engages a faculty member as speaker. Faculty members enjoy full cover of travel expenses for engagements outside their home city or country.
  • Instructional Design Assistance: Profiliant provides Faculty members with research and instructional design assistance on their subject matter areas. This helps to keep your content abreast of developments in your areas of specialization, and ensures that you have the most current materials and delivery methodology(ies) on the subject matter areas. Profiliant will provide you with the copyright protected course materials to cover your area of specialization, where necessary.
  • Access to Library & Research Facilities: Profiliant has a rich collection of books, magazines, journals, and other publications in both hard and electronic format (web subscriptions, CD/DVD’s, audio tapes, etc) that are made available to faculty members to help them develop themselves in their subject matters areas. Instructor kits are also provided to cover all Profiliant native programs and licensed curricular.
  • Practice/Rehearsal Room & Facilities: Faculty members can use Profiliant’s mini conference room facilities with digital projectors, audio and video systems, as well as flip charts etc. to practice before any classes or talks they may have. In all of our programs, relevant faculty members meet severally to jointly review and rehearse the course contents, games, multimedia, and practice sessions prior to the delivery proper.
  • Personal Branding & Packaging Assistance: Profiliant will provide personal branding assistance using services from retained Marcom and PR experts to position faculty members as subject-matter experts. PFP members would get a professionally designed personal web page with their profile information and an email address ( for use in communicating with clients and Profiliant Alumni.
  • Special Pricing on Products & Rebates on Courses: Profiliant resells books, CD’s/DVD’s, course materials etc. from our worldwide affiliates and will offer select titles for FREE, or at reasonable discounts to faculty members. In addition, our faculty members have a complimentary 50% rebate for a nominee of their choice for every program they facilitate or co-facilitate.  Faculty members may participate free, once annually, in any Profiliant Program.
  • Attractive Finder’s Fee & Commission on Courses and Programs: Profiliant Faculty Members are encouraged to re-sell or offer Profiliant’s programs through their private firms or individually to organizations nationwide. Profiliant pays an attractive finders fee (or commission) for all such programs when resold by a faculty member.
  • Train-The-Trainer Programs: Profiliant will invest in faculty members wishing to be trained as certified instructors on our licensed programs. Currently two train-the-trainer programs are planned for the current year.
  • Complimentary Gifts: Faculty members receive a special package from the Profiliant board and management team at the end of every successful year and attend the Sales Club Annual Gala Dinner with spouse, as special guests.