Your future starts here

Work at Profiliant is extremely rewarding, because each person has a chance to help shape the company and what it produces

Lola – the General Manager

The team at Profiliant is top notch and pulls talent from many disciplines. Everyone at Profiliant is poised to meet challenges and exceed expectations. And, more often than not, we have fun on the job.

Steps to Take

Prepare Your Resume

Make sure your resume communicates yourText Box: Are you a full-time student currently enrolled in college or graduate school?   Intern at Profiliant—and your summer vacation could lead to a rewarding career    strengths and areas of interest, and why they are important to you. Be sure to emphasize any prior work or other experience that makes you a great candidate for the job.

Before the Interview

Learn about Profiliant before you meet with our representative. Go to and find out all you can about our services offerings. Create a list of questions to ask about Profiliant, the job, our working conditions, and more—you get to interview us as well.

During the Interview

Don’t stress. Try to relax in the interview. You’ll do your best if you’re well prepared and ready to speak about the information on your resume. You’ve learned about Profiliant and its services and you’ve prepared a list of questions. Be confident, be yourself—you’ll make a positive impression and demonstrate what you can bring to Profiliant.

After the Interview

Near the end of your interview, ask the Profiliant representative when you can expect to hear more from us. After the interview, you can demonstrate your interest in the position by sending a thank-you note or a brief summary. Be aware, however, that excessive inquiries may not be helpful.