As an alumni member, you will enjoy the following alumni benefits:

Subscription to a FREE Sales Performance Journal & Sales-Tips Newsletter- sent regularly via email.

Quarterly Alumni events: this is designed to provide you access to experienced speakers and resource persons who would take on topical issues in the business of selling and business relationship management. The Alumni sessions would take place as breakfast or cocktails meetings open exclusively to Profiliant Alumni members. All the sessions are FREE to our valued alumni.

Networking Opportunities: Our alumni boasts of a strong international network of sales and marketing professionals. Get to know and interact with thousands of sales professionals in different industry segments, many of them at senior levels in different industry segments. These networks prove invaluable in mentoring and coaching relationships, as well as with general career advancements. Join our Facebook and LinkedIn Community

Lifetime Coaching: Our alumni have easy and continuous access to our experienced faculty to bounce ideas and generate healthy discussions on the topical areas of professional selling.

Special discounts and rebates: Profiliant alumni enjoy up to 10% discount for select courses and 50% for select events (non-training programs). Advance bookings are advised. Apply Online or Send Us an Email

Gifts on special occasions: We celebrate your special dates with you, at birthdays, anniversary times, and other special occasions. Our alumni receive special gifts on their birthdays and other special occasions from Profiliant. Which Alumnus are you?