Welcome to our Special Alumni:

The Profiliant Alumni community of sales professionals are a select group of sales and marketing professionals who embark on a lifetime journey of skills improvement & professional development. The program is open only to individuals who have participated in at least 1 qualifying program run by Profiliant, whether as a delegate to an in-house program or on an Open-enrolment program. Since 2004, the Profiliant Alumni has a membership of thousands of sales and marketing professionals, as well as other individuals who have undertaken relevant programs as part of their career and self-development.

Profiliant Sales Training and Consulting offers benefits that are exclusive to Profiliant alumni. We strive to be a meaningful and effective sales resource for you throughout your entire sales career.

  • Business and Financial Acumen for Sales Professional

  • Solution Selling

  • Sales Opportunity Management Strategy Workshop

  • Consultative Selling and Client Engagement Workshop

  • High Trust Selling

  • Business Negotiation Programs

  • Selling to Senior Executives

  • Professional Selling Skills

To Join:

  • Contact the alumni administrator via email - alumni@profiliant.com
  • Send a copy of the course certificate to the alumni administrator - Request for Certificate
  • You will receive a formal notification confirming your acceptance into the Profiliant alumni program