8 great benefits of Sales Kick-offs

If you weren’t thinking about it already, here are some few cogent reasons why you should plan an offsite meeting with your sales team. They are some of the benefits that your peers and competitors who do Sales kick-offs enjoy already.

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  1. A Sales kick-off is one great way to align the sales team with your company’s mission and vision
  2. It offers a good opportunity to announce and celebrate small and big wins
  3. Kick-offs are great for showing your sales team that they count….the best practice nowadays is to reward and recognize outstanding performance in your sales team publicly
  4. You can extract more juice about company culture by infusing some team building activities
  5. By using well delivered opening or closing keynotes (not some internal slides presentation by another regular guy from your strategy department or senior management), a sales kick-off can be transformed into a powerful motivational rallying of your troops, with emphatic calls-to-action they can remember
  6. With multi-day offsite, you even have the opportunity to do some knowledge sharing content, whether it’s product knowledge updates or even a mini workshop to improve their knowledge of current best practices
  7. A great kick-off is a great way of crowd-sourcing ideas on your corporate interns. You can actually conduct quick brainstorming session on knotty issues and you may be amazed at how much sales people know that they can tell and make a difference.
  8. Increase internal networks and harmony, especially as you involve leaders and key persons from other non-sales areas of the business

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Getting Sales Kick-offs Right

There are usually 4 main areas you need to think about when building your Sales Kick-off program, and they are

  • Timing
  • Location
  • Content
  • Logistics

We recommend using experts to help you create Sales Kick-offs your people would love, one that would deliver great returns year-on-year long after the meeting is over.

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